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Sushi is well-known in many countries as that Japanese food which uses the combination of rice and (mainly) seafood. A typical type of sushi is nigirizushi (hand-pressed sushi).

Kaiseki Cuisine

Kaiseki refers to Japanese cuisine that is served in courses at banquets or formal meals. One dish is eaten at a time according to a predetermined menu.


Japanese Saké refers to refined saké normally made with rice, koji (rice malt) and water. It is brewed using unique Japanese methods, and is classified as a fermented liquor.


Ayu or sweetfish is common in rivers throughout Japan. The fish swim up rivers from the sea in spring. Since they have a distinct aroma, they are also called Kogyo (‘aromatic fish’). Ayu from Lake Biwa is known for its great taste.


Moroko is a freshwater fish unique to Lake Biwa. There are various ways to eat it, but winter moroko (with roe) is prized as a Lake Biwa specialty.

Omi Rice

Omi Rice is delicious rice produced in the fantastic environment of Shiga.

Omi Beef      

This type of black-haired cattle have the longest history in Japan of being produced for food, and Omi Beef is one of Japan’s three premium types of wagyu (Japanese beef).