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Enjoy the southern area of Lake Biwa with this fun high-speed cruise.

Otsu Port, the gateway to Lake Biwa sightseeing, is conveniently located 25 minutes direct from Sanjo (in the center of Kyoto) on the Keihan Railway. From Spring 2015, we have a high-speed cruise around the southern part of the lake so you can enjoy a laid back cruise as an addition to your Kyoto and Otsu sightseeing. The high-speed cruise leaves Otsu Port alternately with the Michigan Cruise. You can now experience Lake Biwa more easily than before, and since you can board the ship at any ports of call, your trip will be even more exciting to plan.


* In addition to Otsu Port, passengers can also come on board at Niono-hama Sightseeing Port
  and Yanagasaki Lakeside Park Port.

* The type of high-speed ship is subject to changeon a daily basis dependingon the allocation
   of ships.

Schedule / Fares

South Lake Route Cruise *This information is based on arrivals/ departures at Otsu Port.

Cruise Courses No Departs Otsu Port
(Biwako Hotel)
Departs Niono-hama
Sightseeing Port
(Biwako Otsu Prince Hotel)
Departs Yanagasaki
Lakeside Park Port
(Biwako Otsukan)
Arrives Otsu Port
South Lake Route Cruise
(60 minute)
10:50 11:10 11:40 11:50
12:50 13:10 13:40 13:50
14:30 14:50 15:20 15:30
Fares (incl. tax) Cruise Availability
[Round Trip] Otsu Port to Otsu Port


  ¥ 1,960
  ¥ 1,570
  ¥ 980


[Section Fare (adults)]
Otsu Port to Niono-hama Sightseeing Port 
Niono-hama Sightseeing Port to
Yanagasaki Lakeside Park Port
Yanagasaki Lakeside Park Port to Otsu

  ¥ 660

  ¥ 940
  ¥ 510
Daily cruises from Apr. 29, 2017 to May 2, 2017, and May 8 to Aug. 10, and Aug. 16 to Dec. 3
Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Jan. 16, 2018 to Feb. 21 (Winter *1)

*1 During Winter (Jan.16 to Feb. 21), the South Lake Cruise departs at 11:40 and 13:30 from Otsu Port.

*2 Please show proof of your status as a student (for junior high / high school / university students).

*3 Trips are available even on non-operating days for group reservations numbering 40 or more people.

Note : In some cases the Bianca or another ship may operate for the Michigan Cruise. The Interlaken or another ship may also operate for the south lake route high-speed cruise.

Note : The ship may be unavailable due to a private reservation or participation in an event. Please check our website or call us in advance to check if the ship is running as normal.

Note : Please inquire for pricing for schoolgroups.

Note : The operating schedule and port entry/departure is subject to change due to strong winds, poor weather or other reasons.In addition, in some cases it may not be possible for the ship to arrive.

South Route Michigan & South Lake Route Cruise Schedule

Cruise Courses Times Departs Otsu Port
(Biwako Hotel)
Departs Niono-hama
Sightseeing Port
(Biwako Otsu Prince Hotel)
Departs Yanagasaki
Lakeside Park Port
(Biwako Otsukan)
Arrives Otsu Port
Michigan 80 80min. 10:00 10:25 11:00 11:20
South Lake Route Cruise 60min. 10:50 11:10 11:40 11:50
Michigan 80 80min. 11:40 12:05 12:40 13:00
South Lake Route Cruise 60min. 12:50 13:10 13:40 13:50
Michigan 80 80min. 13:30 13:55 14:30 14:50
South Lake Route Cruise 60min. 14:30 14:50 15:20 15:30
Michigan 80 80min. 15:10 15:35 16:10 16:30
Michigan 60 60min. 16:45 17:10 17:45
Michigan Night 120min. 18:30 18:55 20:30
60min. 18:30 19:30
60min. 19:30 20:30

Note: Refer to the Michigan Cruise and South Route High-speed Cruise tables (above and at the left) for the availability times for the cruise courses.